Day Zero

Day Zero

This is it. All the months, no years, of planning, hoping, waiting, dreaming all come to an end.

Today I drive to Georgia!

I'm staying at my friends' who live about an hour from Springer and then start the long walk tomorrow morning. I am so freaking excited. I'm also a bit nervous and I still can't quite wrap my head around it. I think I've mentioned this before but I don't think it will fully hit me until 3 or 4 weeks in. 

My pack has been packed, checked, and re-packed too many times to count. It weighs a bit more than I would like, 16.5 pounds base weight and 27 with 3 days of food and water. Over time I'll figure out what I don't need. I've set plans to meet up with friends and family at various points along the trail, from Georgia all the way to Maine. My mail drops are set. My back for some reason hurts a bit but other than that I feel good. 

All that's left to do is put one foot in front of the other 5,000,000 times. 

It starts now, with this drive to the Grady's. Let's do this! 

I am a filmmaker. I am an adventurer. I believe in children. My friends are obsessed with my beard. I am obsessed with beer. I want to embrace and fully live this life I’m blessed with. I want to be known as someone who loves deeply.

On May 16, 2017 I set out on my dream, the adventure of a lifetime: a 2,189.8 mile trek of the Appalachian Trail. I want to push people to live their dreams and pursue their passions.