San Diego

San Diego

Tomorrow morning, I drive to Campo, CA to start walking 2650 miles north to Canada.  

I am currently at my brother Victor’s house in San Diego. The last few days have been exhausting. I’ve slept very little. I’ve been running countless last minute errands. Yesterday was travel day. My dad drove me to Charlotte where I boarded a plane to Chicago. In Chicago I met up with Gin•Gin. Words can’t describe how good it was to see her. From Chicago we flew to San Diego. But first...

The plane we were about to board was decommissioned. We were assigned a new plane at a separate gate. An already long travel day made longer. To top it off, I felt horrible all day. I’m not sure why, but my stomach and my head were hurting badly. I felt so cold that I wore Gin Gin’s puffy all day. If you know me, you know how odd that is. I mean, on a 20 degree, sunny day in Maine, you could find me working outside in a t-shirt. Apparently, my face was ghost white. 

We arrived in San Diego around 7, my brother’s around 8. I was asleep by 9:30 and slept until 7. 

The sleep definitely helped. I’ve felt much better today, although my stomach has been acting strange. I’ve had no appetite, which is not good. But I managed to explore San Diego a bit via a day full of more errands. While at REI, I saw someone come around the aisle that I recognized. 

Seth Rogan from the AT! We knew he was hiking because he’s starting with us, but it was crazy to randomly see him at REI. We finished our errands and drove him to a hotel where another AT friend who is starting with us is staying: Chirp. 

We battled San Diego traffic back to Victor’s and ate a delicious meal at a vegan restaurant. It’s much later than I wanted to go to bed. My pack is ready and way too heavy with water.  

Early tomorrow morning I will stand on the border with Mexico, eyes and feet set northward to Canada. 

I am a filmmaker. I am an adventurer. I believe in children. My friends are obsessed with my beard. I am obsessed with beer. I want to embrace and fully live this life I’m blessed with. I want to be known as someone who loves deeply.

On May 16, 2017 I set out on my dream, the adventure of a lifetime: a 2,189.8 mile trek of the Appalachian Trail. I want to push people to live their dreams and pursue their passions.